Tips for Following Along with the Stream

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Tips for Following Along with the Stream

Post by Meina on Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:02 pm

Please Note: I am not a professional artist. I am a hobbyist and I'm not out to teach anyone to draw. When you watch the streams keep in mind I'll be mainly focusing on the actual design process and while I'm happy to give tips where I can I'm not going to be able to advise on too much drawing instruction.

That being said don't feel forced to draw in the same style as me or even using the same exact steps as me. Use the style and methods that work for you. It's great if you can learn something from me but what counts is making the process and resulting character your own.


All characters I make will have their own separate file in my Charahub account which can be found here:

Meina's Charahub

Any resources available for the design session will go into that file so you can download it. The final character I produce will go into the file after the stream is over.


I will be using for the most part Manga Studio EX 5 (or Clip Studio Paint), Iclone Character Creator and Adobe Photoshop. I may also use ArtRage or OpenCanvas in the future and possibly Vector Magic if line art needs cleaned up.

If you don't have a huge budget try a free alternative like Gimp or Sumopaint.

The important thing is to use a program that works best for you but you should also experiment a little because there are a ton of great programs available for digital art.You can even use different programs for different steps of the creation process. Some other good programs are Sketchbook Pro,ArtFlow,Paint Tool Sai or Corel Painter.

Photo References

Photo references can be a great resource. Some free options are morguefiles or Google Images. Deviant Art also has some great reference photo sources. Some paid options are Posespace,Getty Images or Shutterstock but there are many more you can look into if reference photos are a good aid for you. I'll mainly be using Iclone Character Creator which is a free add-on to their Iclone software to create the visual reference for characters which is a great resource to look into if you develop a lot of characters and need an intuitive interface. Some similar programs are the Autodesk Character Generator, Daz 3d which is a great and easy to learn 3d program and Fuse Character Creator which is a part of the Adobe Cloud.

Take your Time!

Don't rush the creative process! If you can't go at the same pace as me then go at a pace that works for you. If you missed something just ask me in chat and I can backtrack a little if I catch it in time. If your character isn't done by the end of the stream that's okay too. Just upload it when it is done. I share after every stream so I will see it eventually.

Sketching is Experimental...

I will mainly be doing concept sketching and not full on CG.While I will do some postwork on it it will be a character sheet essentially. You can work to whatever completion level you want however. Keep in mind sketching is meant to be free and experimental. Don't stress over your sketching phase being perfect or technically correct. You'll get better results of you loosen up and focus on creativity over accuracy.


Settings like canvas size and layers will be up to you. I will typically work with a 9 x 12 sheet or larger with a fairly high DPI for quality but what you work with is up to you. Layers if they are an option in the program you're using are a great tool to develop a habit of using in the creative process but how and if you use them is up to you.

Working Traditionally

If you're working with traditional tools make sure you scan at a high DPI  before adding it to the ArtShare gallery and touch it up to be as visible as possible. This ensures I won't have any issues showing it on stream.

I hope these tips help you out when you tune in for my streams! Please consider sharing your work in the ArtShare Gallery and I might show it off during a stream.

As a final note I may have some trouble noticing questions in chat during the stream. If you have a question it's best to either put it in the "Ask Meina" forum or save it until the end of the stream.

Melissa "Meina" Vassar

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